Shaanxi Newstar Communications Equipment Co. Ltd

Date: 12th May 2016
1.8m Carbon Fiber Portable Antenna
Newstar Communications Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the leading 1.8m manual carbon fiber portable antenna manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:, welcome to wholesale customized, low price and cheap 1.8m carbon fiber flyaway antenna made in China from our factory, and check the price and quotation with us.Characteristics:??Carbon fiber reflector, high strength, light weight;??Design compact and strong, high cost performance;??Over 90% of the main support system in carbon material,making more stable, weight much lighter, strength much higher,more advantageous to the portable usage;??Good cross polarization, low sidelobe, high efficiency;??Dismantling convenient & quick, adjustment convenient ?finishing installation in twenty minutes (without tool);??Of 4 Pieces panel, narrow&light in collection;??Adopt the "three" measures, modern production process, meet various field work environment;Parts:Feed and antenna subsystem, single offset antenna, large diameter corrugated horn, turntable subsystem, azimuth and pitching turntable, special packing;Accessories:User manual?equipment integrated box;Option:soft waveguide,LNB, BUC, modem ;PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONSTypeNS-FM-180?Operating Frequency,GHzC-BandKu-BandReceiveTransmitReceiveTransmitReceive3.625~4.25.85~6.42510.95~12.7513.75~14.5Gain, Mid-Band, dBi35.839.545.646.7XPD?on axis?,dB-1 dB?35?30?35?30?35?30?35?30VSWR1.25:11.25:11.25:11.25:1-3dB Beamwidth, Mid-Band2.87?1.93?0.92?0.78?Tx. Power Capability, KW5kw/port1kw/portFeed interfaceCPR-229GCPR-159G/137GWR-75WR-75Feed Insertion Loss,dB0.150.170.350.35Isolation, Tx to Rx, dB8585First Sidelobe,dB90% Peaks under Following Envelop?,dBi?-1429-25???1????20??-1429-25???1????20??MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONSAntenna Diameter1.8 mAntenna TypeOffsetRefletcor materialAluminum/CarbonWeight70 kg(N)/136?kg(G)Packing Size1040/510/1010mm1330/640/520mmAzimuth Travel0?~360?Elevation Travel0?~ 90?Polarization Travel?90?Drive ModeManualDish ?Pieces4 picsENVIRONMENTAL SPECIFICATIONSTemperature-40??60?Relative Humidity100%Solar Radiation1135Kcal/h/m??Antenna rear view?NS-FM-180??The portable antenna also has aluminum material, see below customized one:??