Shaanxi Newstar Communications Equipment Co. Ltd

Date: 12th May 2016
5.3m Earth Station Receiving-only Antenna
Newstar Communications Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the leading 5.3m earth station receiving-only antenna manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:, welcome to wholesale customized, low price and cheap 5.3m earth station receiving-only antenna made in China from our factory, and check the price and quotation with us.Characteristics:??Meets or exceeds CCIR 580 and INTELSAT requirements??Ring focus designed;??High gain, Low sidelobe, High G/T rate;??Hot-dip zinc processed Antenna mount, with strong corrosion resistant ability??Optional C band with 870 MHZ bandwidth;Accessories:Ground plot, foundation template, the anchor bolt;Optional:Deicing equipment, electric equipment, antenna controller, antenna drive, drive motor, limit switch, step autotracking, cable, connector, electric polarization, activity foundation, lightning rod and wire, high-frequency head;ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONSTypeNS-SEC-530NS-SEC(Ku)-530?Operating Frequency,GHzC-BandKu-BandReceive3.4?4.210.95?12.75Gain, Mid-Band, dBi?45.0+20lg(f/4)?54.2+20lg(f/12)PolarizationLinear or CircularLinearXPD?on axis?,dB?35?35Axial Ratio(dB)?1.50/VSWR?1.25?1?1.25?1Antenna Noise Temperature(K)?????????10?Elevation????????????20?Elevation????????????30?Elevation???46/52?38/44?36/42????57/68?49/59?47/57Feed interfaceCPR-229GWR-75First Sidelobe?dB90% Peaks under Following envelop?dBi?-1429 - 25 log??1????20???-1429 - 25 log??1????20???MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONSAntenna Diameter5.3mAntenna TypeRing FocusMount TypeEl. Over Az.Surface Accuracy?RMS??0.5 mmDrive ModeManual or MotorizedManual?Drive SystemAzimuth Travel RateElevation Travel RatePolarization Travel Rate?0?~360?5?~90??90?ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIFICATIONSWind speed of work20.8m/s (normal work?)35m/s (Lower the precision ) ?55m/s ?Survival Winds(Upturned lock)Wrapped ice3cmTemperature-20??55?Relative Humidity5%?95%Earthquake(survival)0.3G?s(horizontal), 0.15G?s(vertical)Surface treatmentSteel?parts?spraying?sand blasting and zinc, then spay yellow zinc bottom paint and final surface white paint. ?Aluminum?parts?, clear oil, spray bottom yellow paint, then spray surface white paintSolar Radiation360BTU/h/ft2