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Date: 12th May 2016
Antenna Control Equipment
Newstar Communications Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the leading antenna control equipment manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:, welcome to wholesale customized, low price and cheap simplified control system, auto tracking control system made in China from our factory, and check the price and quotation with us. NS - X000 Controller Series Products NS - X000 antenna control system (ACS) suit to the automatic control system of two or more than two axis AC motorized driving satellite communication earth station . NS - 1000 type antenna control system is one of the antenna control NS-series products, the whole system including: the antenna control unit (ACU), antenna drive unit (ADU), antenna angle sensor, control protection device and the connecting cable, etc. NS - 1000-A (suit to ?4.5 meters? antenna control) controller is used for triaxial or below triaxial satellite earth station automatic control,keeping antenna drive device and controller in indoor; NS-1000-B type (suit to 6.2 m antenna control) controller is used for more than triaxial double speed control,whose antenna controller is placed indoor, drive devices outside;NS-2000(suit to 4.5 meters below the antenna control) is of high performance,integrated control system,with DSP + FPGA signal processing system as the core,which is R&D for satellite earth station antenna;It is the upgraded control system ?above NS-1000-A type,integrating NS-1000-A and the beacon receiver in a 2 u chassis, realizing the large communication antenna automatic control. System Function ??Antenna location real time display ??Manual control? ??Antenna pointing? ??Star guiding ??step auto-tracking ??Polarization adjustment ??Remote control ??Parameter setting ??Two-speed drive (optional) ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ??Control protection device ??Branch console and remote control function (optional ??Remote control software (optional) 2.2Main Technical Parameters model NS1000A NS1000B NS2000 Angle range Az.and El. 0???359.99? Linear polarization Angle -179.9??179.9? Angel display resolution Az. and El. 0.01? Linear polarization Angle 0.1? Tracking accuracy 1/10 Receiving?beam width The preset star?no. 50 satellites 6 satellites drive mode Az.and El. Three-phase AC variable?frequency control of motor speed Polarization mode conversion Single-phase AC /single speed Polarization side adjustment Single-phase AC /single speed driving power Az.and El. ?4KW polarization Each?0.1 KW Adaptive capacity to environment ? indoor temperature +10??+30? indoor humidity 90%?25?? outdoor temperature -40??+70? outdoor humidity 98%?25?? alternating current ACU?voltage 220V?10% ADU?voltage 380V?10%?Three-phase/five lines? frequency 50Hz Boundary dimension ACU 482?88?410 mm 482?88?410 mm ? 430mm X 442mm X 87.5mm ADU 482?88?410 mm 700?1100?300 mm TRC 482?88?410 mm 482?88?410 mm